About Attorney Finder

Why we do what we do

We want to solve two problems....

Match people with the right lawyer

People usually rely on Google Reviews or a quick online search to find a lawyer to work with. That leaves a lot of room for mistakes to happen.

Imagine a first time home buyer who realizes that the conditions weren’t satisfied by the seller before taking possession of the home!  A diligent lawyer can help save thousands of dollars and pain.

We want to solve that problem. By providing you the list of top lawyers in your area and doing a quick check of their credentials.

Help Lawyers get the online visibility they deserve

A mid to large size law firm needs to spend about 5-10% of their gross revenue in marketing to stay competitive. That kind of spend is not possible for a lot of small and mid-sized firms. 

Here’s where Attorney Finder helps.

We offer free and paid listings on our website for law firms that need additional visibility and want exposure to motivated clients, looking for legal services.



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